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Ancient wonders, contemporary vibes
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About Athens


A grungy metropolis of hip revamped factories, markets and contemporary art niches – revolving around a haven of archaeological antiquity – Athens is where the ancient and the modern world meet. The cradle of western civilization is dotted with Byzantine churches and century-old olive trees, from the stony hills of the Acropolis to the majestic summit of Mount Lycabattus. You will discover a delightful collection of contradictory neighbourhoods, from old town Plaka to industrial chic Gazi, socialite Kolonaki to neoclassical Monastiraki. And the quiet island of whitewashed Anafiotika is a story of its own.

Stavros Melissinos is a legendary ‘poet sandal-maker’ in Athens – a worldwide famed poet making sandals for the stars!

Athens is a melting pot of culture, architecture and even cuisine. Head to a Psyri tavern for a glass of retsina – the traditional wine – and some skyladika tunes in the company of the friendly, fun loving and frankly loud locals.

In ancient Athens citizens voted in elections of Ostracism, banishing the least democratic citizen for 10 years!

How’s the weather in Athens in July?

  • Temperature 73-91 °F
  • Dry days 30-
  • Average rainfall 9 mm
  • Snow days 0


  • Population 664K
  • Local time :
  • Currency Euro

What does Athens cost?

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  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: 11.61 USD
  • Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught): 4.64 USD
  • Water (0.33 liter bottle): .58 USD


  • Rice (1kg): 2.18 USD
  • Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1kg): 8.09 USD
  • Apples (1kg): 1.54 USD
  • Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle): 1.44 USD


  • One-way Ticket (Local Transport): 1.62 USD
  • Taxi Start (Normal Tariff): 4.06 USD
  • Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff): .86 USD
  • Gasoline (1 liter): 1.76 USD

Sports And Leisure

  • Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult: 33.15 USD
  • Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend): 23.59 USD
  • Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat: 9.28 USD

Clothing And Shoes

  • 1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar): 84.47 USD
  • 1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...): 34.59 USD
  • 1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes: 93.08 USD
  • 1 Pair of Men's Leather Business Shoes: 106.02 USD

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About Athens

When the going gets tough, the tough prepare to party.

On the face of it, Greece might not be the obvious choice for your next getaway. After all, the financial headlines make for pretty gloomy reading. But despite all its troubles, the ancient capital of Athens is enjoying an unexpected new lease of life. For while over-priced, Euro-trashy bars are closing down, inventive new hang-outs are popping up to replace them, boasting unfussy food, strong drinks and the kind of friendly vibe that'll have you dancing until daylight with a motley crew of brand-new best friends.

Athens has always been a city where the past and the future bump alongside one another. Today the city's beautiful people rock out to international super-groups at the ancient open-air Lycabettus Theatre, or reserve a table at the ultra-modern restaurant of the New Acropolis Museum or in the gorgeous, ramshackle nineteenth-century courtyard of The Art Foundation - TAF.

Step of your flight to Athens and let your adventure start at the foot of the Acropolis, a structure so impressive and yet so familiar you'll feel like you've stumbled onto a film set. From there, you can walk 2.5 miles along the Archaeological Promenade, a pedestrian-only, tree-lined walkway which takes in all the city’s major archaeological sites. In a city where the traffic can be oppressive, the promenade, opened in 2004, is a real game-changer.

As night falls, you can check out the dive-bars around grungy Monastiraki or head to the glossier restaurants and wine cellars of Kolonaki, the latest suburb to be taken over by local hipsters. In nearby Gazi, battling sound systems compete for your attention. But whatever cool, hole-in-the-war joint you end up in, be warned: drinks may be on the expensive side, but the measures are lethal. Go easy – because you'll definitely want to remember your Athens adventures.